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Blue Gem Games

Blue Gem Games is a dynamic indie games team formed by a team of recent graduates in Digital Media. The team brings their experience and skill from studying at TafeSA Game Art and Flinders University Digital Media and adds a passion for games. We love games. We know games. We make games. "

Current projects 

ManaTech is a two player twin stick shooter, in the fantasy genre. Fight against another player in a battle of magic versus technology.

Control a character that represents the collective of Mages Guilds or a hero of the Common Populace, each character commanding their own unique abilities.

Aim your attacks, dodge your opponent’s shots and utilize your character’s abilities to their fullest to defeat your opponent in the arena in this twin stick shooter game with fighting game and RPG elements.

Will you fight for Magic or Technology?

Reina: The Bounty Hunter.

Araesa is a first person shooter set in medieval times, with an ancient advanced foreboding force that left the world with unknown purpose, their technology has been left behind and it wrecking havoc across the lands .


ManaTech Screenshots



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